About Us

XWord Media, LLC manages a wide variety of web properties with a total outreach of over 20 million monthly visits.

XWord Media, LLC is a digital asset management company that seeks to become the online leader for gaming strategy. XWord Media, LLC currently manages rapidly growing gaming strategy websites and mobile applications with over 6 million active users per month.


XWord Media, LLC was founded in 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.In addition, XWord Media LLC owns and is currently developing various other premium domains. With over 6 million monthly users, XWord Media, LLC is one of the fastest growing online gaming strategy companies.

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The mission of XWord Media, LLC is to help enrich the entertainment and gaming experience of its users. By providing gaming strategies to its users, XWord Media, LLC allows people of all ages to increase their learning and exposure to educational content. As a result, users can continuously engage in more challenging games, thus raising the intellectual bar to new levels. Las Vegas, Nevada is without a doubt the entertainment and gaming capital of the world. As a company in the gaming strategy market, XWord Media, LLC believes that it best serves its users by relocating to Nevada. Once in Las Vegas, XWord Media, LLC can hire expert talent from the entertainment and gaming industry, while expanding to new markets and live, in- person events.